Sunday, April 29, 2007

Class Update

Last class we started dealing with Lesson 1 (Factual and Negative Factual Questions) in the Guide to Reading section. This lesson features three short articles you have to scan in order to find specific information. We worked on the first passage (on Dentistry) in class and the other two were assigned as homework for Wednesday.

Apart from learning about the unusual origins of dentistry and its early fearsome methods, we had a look at some modern dental procedures such as scaling and root canals. In addition, we read some real stories written by people suffering from phobia of dentists or dental phobia and discussed its causes as well as some possible ways both dental professionals and patients can cope with this problem.

By the way, I found this wacky website about Unusual Phobias and was surprised to see the weird (completely illogical) phobia I suffer from is actually one of the most popular ones. Can you guess which one it is? ;)

Next Monday, we are going to start working on the Grammar Tutorial in your books. You are supposed to do the exercises on pages 706-708 for homework.

See you in class!


  1. 1. Great picture, I like that funny retro style
    2. I looked but I have no idea wich could be your fobia, I promess I won't lough (some are very funny)
    3. Forget about homework, this'll be a long week for me ;)
    c u in class.

  2. OK, I wanna know, wich one is it?!

  3. You'll have to guess...

    Clue: It's related to clothes

  4. Got it. I know many people don't like them, but I didn't know about any one with fobia to them.
    Well, they are dangerous, it's true.

  5. Nice try, but they are not dangerous at all. They are just ugly-looking for me, especially the clear shiny ones!

  6. ok now I´m totally lost!!! Clothes can be dangerous?