Monday, April 23, 2007


Are they necessary?
Feel free to comment.


  1. Last class ended with us talking (and writing as homework) about zoos.
    I've never been to many of them but the ones I have visited seemed like ugly torture cages to me. I think they are out of date and that the animals (and in some cases the people) are not protected enough.
    If you feel like it, post your opinion or experience about the subject.

  2. that was an awful looking monkey.. hehe... here's what I think on the subject:


  3. I remember when I was a child I used to visit the Zoo in Rosario, at Parque Independencia. I still have a nice remembrance of the place because I could learn more about wild animals and their behaviors. It was like go to another city in the middle of Rosario. I heard many stories about people trapped by bears or lions. Besides, I could watch how a little monkey was hunted while others were escaping from the cage. Nevertheless, the zoo was closed instead of being put in well conditions.Up to now, nobody knows what happened with those animals.

  4. Vani: We're waiting to read your long composition about zoos here. (2 pages?)

  5. I have an idea. How about starting our own Wiki to publish the compositions (voluntarily), so that you can all share and learn from each other? I'm not sure the blog is the best place due to the limited space Wikis are very easy to edit. I'll show you how. Stay tuned!!

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