Monday, April 9, 2007

Dear all,

I've just been informed that we'll have no classes today.
Let's reflect on the terrible events that have taken place in Neuquén.

Pegarle a un maestro por Mex Urtizberea (La Nación)

See you on Wednesday,


  1. I couldn´t agree more, been my mother a highschool teacher, by I also think that we could protest by all dressing black clothes with Fuentealba's picture or a silent protest march at night with candles all over the country or something like that. Because I'm a bit tired of strikes, mayhem and roadblocks as a way to protest. That only helps slowing progress and hurting bystanders, wich is what the troublemakers want. A just cause turns into a political one.
    See you all on wednesday.

  2. Meanwhile, in Fiji... A teacher hit a 19-yr-old student with a stick and later punched him in the face, just to get things even.

    No, seriously now, I think it all comes down to education, and respecting those certain unalienable rights that are common to every human being, despite the categories of teacher, student or whatever you want.

    If you don't work something out to restore the core values that are largely lost throughout the country, then this will keep happening no matter how many parades you make in the sake of raising awareness. We could start with the crappy and collapsed education system, yeah.

    Just my 2 cents.