Saturday, April 14, 2007


I want to share these images as a reminder of the passage we studied about the Statues from Easter Island. I could find the uncommon one with white coral eyes!!.

Also, I selected another that best describes The Hanau Eepe's proper characteristic: the heavy earrings to extend the legnth of their ears.

Can you see it very clearly in the photo?

If you want more information, please visit the following Internet sites:


  1. Congratulations on your first post Alejandra! What a wonderful surprise! The photos and resources you found help us get a better idea of the different types of moai and learn a bit more about this mysterious island. Besides, your contribution has turned a tutor blog into a class blog! This is exactly what I meant by having experiences though the language, i.e. building a community of learners ready to share and interact with each other. Real learning takes place only when we are actively involved in the process.
    Thank you once again!!

  2. By the way, I also want to thank Maxi, Vanina and Mariano for their active participation.
    Vanina has suggested some useful links in the comments section and Mariano has an awesome blog with lots of interesting articles.
    Is it OK with you if I add those links to the sidebar?

  3. Well it's fine with me, only that the blog you referred to is my corporate blog, and well it should be scheduled for deletion since I resigned last week :o :P

    No worries though, I've already started a personal one...


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  5. Hi Vani,

    My Skype ID is carla.raguseo
    I had my first experience with Skype this summer during a webcast and it was an amazing experience. Hope to voip you soon,