Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How do you feel about having a class wiki?

I'm sure all of you have heard about Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia anybody can edit.

A wiki is then a fully-editable user-generated website that allows a group of people to share and build knowledge collaboratively. For example, I'm sure each of you keeps a record of new vocabulary. What would happen if every student added a word to a common vocabulary page on a daily basis? We would soon have a huge resource of relevant vocabulary. The same would happen with writing tasks and extra reading resources.

Anyway, this is just a suggestion. You can visit our baby wiki at . I just started it today, so I could only add a couple of pages. Once in the wiki, click on the sidebar on the right to see the pages. Also, the default home page features two videos: one on how to edit a wiki and the other on the use of wikis in education. Have a look!

I'll send you the password by mail just in case you want to give it a try.


  1. Maxi said...

    Great! We're learning English and Internet development.
    You should get an extra salary for the internet lessons!

    May 2, 2007 5:17 PM

    I say...
    haha Maxi I sooo agree with you!!!
    Carla the idea is great. I don´t get how it works though, it sounds like a blog to me.

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  3. That would be really great!!

    I know it's not esay to see the difference between blogs and wikis until you use them.
    While in a blog you interact mainly through the comments section,in a wiki you can actually edit and add your own content.

    More soon...
    (I'm getting ready for my trip to BA)

  4. hi, i was looking at the wiki baby page
    i need a password to start playing with it, you can publish it or send it to my mail

  5. Carla, when is the day we r not having class? Do we have today with u?

  6. Yes, Vani!
    Today you are having your class at the lab at 8.30 and with me at 9.00 as usual. On May 23rd you will have classes with a substitute teacher, so don-t worry. :)

  7. Great job, Carla. I like your work.

    I'm sure there are many things in common between FCE and TOEFL. I'll keep looking at your blog to find interstices.

    At least, the two courses have teachers passionate about what these online tools enable us to do. No doubt about that.

    Here is my contribution to expand your pbwiki classpage:

    Help! I'm new with wikis

    All the best to those facing the learning challenge!!

    from The FCE Blog

  8. what do u guys think about getting together for dinner or something? Attendance is not mandatory!

  9. Pizza after class next wednesday?

  10. would be cool, I'm In but what about the rest of non-computer freaks that don't check the blog?
    But I'm In anyway... I m telling Mariano now

  11. There's time, I ment next wed, not today.

  12. Carla, I tried to up load my independent writing task, but it s kinda confusing how to manage the wiki thingy, I tried to past it on comments but it says u can´t write more than certain number of caracters... Sorry I´m a lame computer freak!!!

  13. Hi, Vani!

    Don't worry! You'll see it's really easy. As I told you before, in the wiki you don't have to restrict yourself to the comments section. Just go to the Independent Sperking Task page, click on edit page, and copy and paste your essay there. Then, click on Save and that's it!

    I look forward to seeing your contribution there soon.

  14. guys... this is my brand new blog!
    Hope to see u around.

  15. I´m sorry I´m such a mess with homework but kinda forgor whether we have or not for 2day.

  16. I asked a friend from Canada if there was an extra word for Landing, she said "the top of the stairs....before the next set" haha, meaning.... no extra word for that!!!