Monday, May 21, 2007

Mini Test


  1. I had a couple of problems:
    1)Leda speaking too loud wile I was listening to the test
    2)The speaking is still too difficult for me, there's too little time and the subject in the integrated task was difficult to understand

  2. haha Carla wanna tell you don't expect much from my test if you ever did!!! hahaha. The integrated was ... well can't actualy say cause didn't even finish reading the passage so then I just gave up haha.
    Seriously... The test was really good to know which tasks we need to focus on. Personaly I think I have to focus "a lot" on... the reading task (readings were alwasys hard for me) and integrated.
    I know It may sound sometimes I don't take it serious, but I actualy do!!!

  3. Hi Maxi and everybody:
    What a great surprise to have a photo from yesterday!.
    I want to share my experience from the test. The least difficult for me was the listening and the worst was the speaking because I could hear what others said through the headphones while I was trying to complete the task.
    Also the reading might seem basic chinesse than English. My mind is usually closed in front of articles that are not related with human being.
    I really feel a relief from yesterday, as I passed that challenge!.
    See you tomorrow

  4. Hi there!!!

    First of all, I'd like to thank you, Maxi, for posting the photo and getting the ball rolling. It was an amazing surprise for me and also a way to feel closer.

    I am at a cyber cafe now reading your feedback and already planning the steps ahead.

    The integrated tasks are definitely the most challenging ones in the new TOEFL, so we are going to concentrate more on these tasks from now on.

    Vani, of course I expect a lot from you because you have a huge potential. You only need to slow down a bit (look who's talking! ;))and concentrate more.

    Ale, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. As regards the problem with the headphones, I'll see to it as soon as I return. ¿What booth were you in? ¿Did other students have the same problem? Remember these are not the headphones that are used in the actual test, but the ones we use for regular sessions.
    What about the others? Any comments to share with the rest of the class?

    Good luck tomorrow!
    Let's keep in touch,


  5. Opening question marks in English?? Sorry for that. ;)

  6. Hi, I was writing an entry about Wednesday class, but I realized that in order to post a picture (it's not possible in a comment) I must receive some kind of admission/invitation from you, Carla. Am I right?

    Regards and success on the congress, by the way I have a close friend that is pursuing a PhD in that field.

  7. It`s enough to have a Gmail account to post an entry on this blog. If you have one, use it, if not, I'll send you an invitation.

  8. Tell me your email address, so I can send you an invitation.

  9. Hi, Alejandro,

    Welcome to our blog! You are right, I have to send you an invitation to join the blog as an author. Unfortunately, I don't have your e-mail address, but you can send it to me to
    I'd love to hear more from you.

  10. As always, I´m late!
    Doing the mini test was really usefull for me. First of all because I got a global view about what the exam will be (specially the integrated tasks, which were overwhelming!!!)
    The reading was kind of easy (medium at least) but I supose that doing five of those passages in the real exam would kill anybody.
    In the listening I rushed a lot, unnecesarily, because when I finished there was a lot of time left. In this point, I think mini test experience was very profitable because I will (I hope) budget my time better the next time.
    Comparing to all the former sections, the writing was like sunbathing in a paradise.
    That´s all...I´ll see you people next week.


  11. Better late the never Luciana! I really appreciate your comment and I'm also glad to know that the mini-test was a useful experience. This Monday we are going to analyze your essays in class.

    See you then!

  12. Sorry! Another typo! Better late THAN never