Saturday, September 29, 2007

Early Spring Musings

Is it all coming to an end? I wonder…
An amazing bunch, the TOEFL group fills up my life with challenging questions, compelling discussions and endless correction hours. As the end of the year approaches, some of you have to leave early to meet required deadlines and achieve your most cherished goals.
The TOEFL test is definitely not an end in itself, but a point of departure. Just like a crowded platform before a journey, filled with promises, hurried good-byes, a bit of anxiety and anticipation, it is a path to new beginnings.
After Vani’s farewell party , I have to confess I felt a bit sad, but before I could get too gloomy, it dawned on me that this space is a treasure box where some of those unique moments we spent together will be kept. And then I thought we can keep it rolling for new groups, new stories…
Why let this channel of communication dwindle when it can thrive and bloom with new voices?
What do you think? How do you feel about sharing this blog with another TOEFL group?


  1. If think that I'm gonna miss her too, although I kind of hate her :). Besides that, I must recognize that she was right and I was wrong about the age limit for leaving the country without parents' permission. It's 21 y/o.
    Vani, keep in touch, I hope we all meet next year so you can tell us your aventures.

  2. Amen, I think Vani is one of those special individuals that somehow figure the way to make you like them as much as hate them, to the point where they could either amuse you or freak you with the same intensity.

    I thought I was safe here in NYC, but she's coming my way now... there is no getting out of this. *PANIC*

  3. Mariano, I'm just kidding because last Thursday when we met Carla said she thought I hate her. But I won't contradict you in that she is an unique individual, ja.
    I know you are doing OK on NYC and I wish you the best. I'll keep reading your blog.

  4. Great idea, Carla. In fact, I thought it was the original idea to use this blog for the next ibtprepees.
    It´s been and continues to be a great experience, unlike any other I had in Aricana. So, yes, keep it rolling.

  5. Can anybody remind me the essay's subject?, I forgot to bring it

  6. Hi Maxi,

    Thanks for dropping by! And thanks for answering my question. :) I was thinking of inviting the TOEFL Blended Course this year.
    BTW, I've sent you an e-mail with the essay topic.

    Hope to see you next week,


  7. now i get where the blended thing came from

  8. Hello guys, thanks for all your comments!!! For updates in my life check my blog.

    I'm needing Luciana's email adress, she sent me an email but I deleted it and couldn't read it. If anyone has it would you please send it to me by email?

    Hope you are doing well!