Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meeting post Mid Term

Hi everyone! We'll meet at OConnel's at 9 pm tonight.


  1. Hey guys in case you need to reach me you can do it at 341 6211114. It´s not my real phone number, I forgot mine at home, which is in Funes :). So at the moment I´m using this one. Don´t have credit though....

  2. Hey y'all... this be mah phone numbah. It's not a real numbah but anyway: 555 55555

    It's a backup phoney phone, but it's got no battery so... don't even try calling.

    See ya at the booze spot...

  3. haha that was funny whoever you are smart ass

  4. Please, kids, watch your language and remember to sign your comments.

    Have fun tonight! ;-)