Saturday, July 7, 2007

Have a nice winter break!

Dear TOEFLers,
I’m glad you could all get together to celebrate the end of the first term and your first complete practice test. I’m really sorry I missed it! : (

I’ve added a couple of videos to the wiki in case you have time and want to enjoy some top notch resources while honing your listening skills. The picks include:

Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech at Stanford University
Google Tech Talk by Kevin Kelly “The Next 50 Years of Science”

See you all on July 23rd.
Hugs, Carla


  1. Hey Carla just to make you feel better, you didn´t miss anything cause the only ones on thursday were Maxi, Mariano and I. We organized it the same thursday and didn´t have everybody´s cellphone numbers. Florencia was about to come but she cancelled at last minute. So we had some dinner at o´connels and ended up playing PS2 at mariano´s.
    I´m in Rio III this weekend visiting my grandpa and I brought the cd to give a try to the test.
    Have a good winter break.

  2. Hi Vani,

    Thanks for the message!
    I'm sure you'll be able to organize it better next time.
    At least the three of you had a good time togther.

    Good luck with the practice test!


  3. It's not gonna be nice and it's not gonna be a break, at least not for me, but apparently it is gonna be a cold winter.
    Thanks for the wishes anyway. See you next class.

  4. It's great to see you spread Jobs' infinite wisdom among the students, Carla. Namaste to you.

    Have a good time and enjoy the mini-vacations.

  5. Thank you, Mariano!

    In fact, I first saw the video on your blog. I know you are a big fan of Apple and Jobs'work.
    I didn't know what namaste meant so I had to look it up:
    Namaste to you, too!

    Dear Maxi,

    I just meant a break from the TOEFL class. Anyway, I love your acid sense of humor! ;-)


  6. As maxi said It is cold. I Can´t believe It´s snowing right now in Rio Tercero.
    BTW I met a girl from Thailand in the conversation course I took in US who tought us the Namaste gesture for greeting. And depending on who you are performing it to you should do it on your head, forehead or chest.

  7. Dear All:
    I have already finished to read all your comments and they are very good for a comedy!!
    I also noticed the meeting held last thursday. You should have been more organized.
    Have a nice vacation and keep in touch.

  8. wow, sometimes my friends say my humor is acid, but in here the pH is through the roof.

    Anyway, I got on that "namaste" trend almost by accident, and then I later found out it had to do with Hindi culture.

    At first, the use for it in the US related to that of the frenchy "Chapeau", but it now has been extended in significance to include more of the original meaning.

  9. Hey guys just wanted to share with you an article from the New York Times about my host mum. It's from last week.

    And if you happen to be interested in her work there is a very interesting video on youtube where she speaks to press after arguing before Court of Appeals about a case against NSA (National Security Agency)

    It's also a good way to practice our tecnical english reading and listening.

  10. Nice V, Soros is on my Awesome People list along with Steve Jobs, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Michael Schumacher. Not like they relate much, but anyway.


    Vani had a great idea that I've put on steroids: we're gonna organize IBT Prep Class Monopoly gaming nights from now on.

    Check my blog to find out more about it:

  11. Dear TOEFLers,

    You rock!! You are by far the most amazing, challenging and imaginative group I've ever had! It's a pleasure to work with you and to share this virtual space where things actually "happen".

    Vanina, thanks for the video and the report. I'll add them to the wiki right away.

    Mariano, you've done a great job working out the rules for the NY Monopoly.

    I wish you all a wonderful evening!
    If you take any photos, please send them to me and I'll add them to the album!

    BTW, I'm correcting your writing tasks. Who said this was a break?



  12. Thanks Carla, and we're in need of more players so any of you who feel like playing Monopoly on Friday eve just holla :P