Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great Expectations

So, here we are starting a new TOEFL year! I'm sure when you first entered the classroom on a Saturday morning you had a lot of questions: Will I be able to prepare for the TOEFL test in one semester? Do we need a textbook?, What does Blended mean?; and so did I : Will I be able to connect to my students this year?, Are they really motivated to prepare for the TOEFL challenge?, Will they like me?

After two years teaching both the regular and the blended courses, this year I'm only teaching the Blended one. If our virtual platform extends the walls of our physical classroom, this blog will be another online meeting spot where we'll be able to go even beyond the limits of our virtual learning environment. Reaching further and further ahead!

Let's make the most of our TOEFL experience!

Photo: Great Expectations


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