Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Vision of Students Today

It seems I'm still under the effects of Rosario BlogDay. Clicking my way through Rosario's blogosphere, I came across some unique spots like Potlatch or BlogPuntoAikawa. Now I've found this compelling video by Mike Wesch, the author of the masterpiece The Machine is Us/ing Us. It relates to some of the topics we discuss in class such as the educational system, overcrowded classes at University, the relevance of the content we teach and learn, etc.

The opening quote reminded of the thesis statement of Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. Doubtful about my status of digital citizenship, I decided to share this video with you. It was created with the collaboration of 200 students at Kansas State University. Maybe we have something to add to the discussion...

For further information you can visit: http://mediatedcultures.net/ksudigg/?p=119


  1. Gracias por nombrar a mi blog :)

    Es raro ver un blog en inglés con gente de acá, pero me di cuenta que son de Aricana! MUCHOS SALUDOS!!!

  2. Hola Federico!

    Felicitaciones por el video de RBD!
    Lo publiqué en mi blog personal: http://www.carlaraguseo.edublogs.org/


  3. dear carla, not that everything in this blog is not wonderful, but one of the most interesting things is to pay attention at the time at which you post (are you getting enough sleep? page 255 or something:))
    by the way, i did wrong today, hence my humor

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  5. Great site, Vanina!

    I had seen similar sites for Oxford and London, so I'm thilled Rosario will also have its virtual tour. Apparently, it's still under construction and they'll add more places soon.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    You can also check out the audio tour I've created with my teen students to be shared with a Brazilian class:
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