Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sophomore etymology & Independent writing task

I have added a new page for the "Grading" topic on the Independent Writing Task page of the Class Wiki, and I have published my essay as Carla said.

I have also posted the etymology of "sophomore" on the Vocabulary page.

Regards, Alejandro.


  1. How dedicated, jaja
    I'll try to do the same with my essay, but I still have to correct it first.

  2. Ale,

    Thanks a lot for creating a new page for the writing task and adding a new word to the vocabulary page. I'm pretty busy right now and I really appreciate your help to keep the blog going.

  3. Thank you for helping us with the vocabulary.
    By the way, didn't you say that you have a good book for the independent writing task? If it is true, could you please post some interesting prompts to help us practice?

  4. Alejandra,
    The book I told you is about the Essays of another exam, the GMAT. I gave it to Carla so she can check it out. The book has a lot of well written essays, and I've found very useful to read that essays to pick up structures, and ideas for some topics.

  5. Hey guys, the following link is the video I told you about the German costguard. It's very funny so check it out.

  6. Great video, Vani!
    Thanks for sharing.
    We should prepare a similar one for ARICANA, can you think of similar situations?

    I am going to add a wiki page for us to post videos related to English Learning. I also have a couple of good ones to share with you.