Saturday, May 26, 2007

Carriages & Coaches

Last class we did some grammar, readings, etc. In the reading about Dorothea Dix, there was a sentence that said she traveled by "..., coach, carriage, ..." Someone asked what was the difference between a coach and a carriage. I said that I thought that one was a closed vehicle, and the other wasn't. Vanina said that I shouldn't make things up : ). I must say that I was wrong, the one that is closed is the stagecoach. Carriage has a more general meaning, it’s a vehicle with wheels that is pulled by a horse, used in former times. And coach is just a type of carriage, a large one according to the Longman, but the Merrian-Webster says it is a large usually closed four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage having doors in the sides and an elevated seat in front for the driver.

More information and links on the Vocabulary page of the class wiki:

And finally, this is the picture that appears on the Longman’s CD, Vanina, as you can see I was wrong but I wasn't making it up : )

See you next week. Alejandro.
PS: Yes, something is wrong with me, I’m googling about carriages at 2 in the morning. : )


  1. In the last exercise of the homework a garter snake was mentioned, and Beatriz told us the meaning of “garter”, and I remembered that there is an English order of knights called the Order of the Garter. But I didn’t know the emblem of the order is actually a garter (the lingerie, not the snake), and that a legend about its creation involves the King, a dance, a lady, and her garter. In Spanish the order is known as “la Orden de la Jarretera” (jarretera = liga).

    Here is the Wikipedia article: ... It is the world's oldest national order of knighthood, and the pinnacle of the British honours system …


  2. Wow Alejandro!
    That was a very detailed explanation! Thanks!
    Nothing is wrong with you. You are just attending the TOEFL iBT course and probably you now understand the importance of sharing ideas and resources with the group. That's the spirit!
    I can imagine the conversation with Vanina! She's always cheerful and outspoken. I'm sure you'll get along with her!

    Now, in order to organize the resources, maybe we could move all the new vobabulary to the Wiki. What do you think? I'll send you the password by e-mail.

    Best reagards,


  3. Alejandro, don't take me so seriously. I thought you got that I was kidding. I mean... I'm always kidding. Jeez ... I have to improve my jokes!!!

    Anyway... I'm sorry about that!!

  4. Vanina, I got it, I just was teasing you back, I'm kidding too. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, then I will have to improve my jokes : )

    Besides, I was not completely sure about it, so I wanted to know what was really the difference.

    I'll try the Wiki. Regards.

  5. I edited my post and moved vocabulary info to the corresponding page on the class wiki.
    Tell me what you think.

  6. Simply perfect!

    The idea is to use the blog for current discussion topics and class information and announcements and the wiki for permanente resources. You've done a great job organizing the vocabulary page and linking the post to the wiki.

    Thanks again!